ASK TJ: Career & Finance

TJ, Why did you become a Life Coach?

I became a life coach because I noticed how this country took advantage of people once they become 18. They want you to get a student loan, then they want to give you 0% interest rate on a credit card and a car loan car that’s going to depreciate the minute you start that bitch up, they want you to get on their first time buyer's plan and then they expect you to spend the rest of your life playing off debt. Them is some big ass obligations to be making before 30.  And that’s how the system is set up to rob you of your hard earned money and happiness. And me being a passionate nigga – I knew if I did something meaningful for the youth I’d probably get a lot of young pussy.

TJ, my question is how can you inspire people to come out of negative conditioning and to continue to chase your dreams?

From personal experience the only way you can inspire people into action is to shut the fuck up. It’s that simple. Let me tell you something BraidzLemarSmit – “We preach what we most need to learn.” So usually when you’re trying to inspire others you’re really just trying to inspire yourself. Shut your fuckin’ trap, walk the walk and others will follow. You will succeed at a faster rate if you remember that when you preach, you procrastinate.

TJ, How do you defeat complacentness? Thoughts my brother...

You probably follow Ray Jay on Twitter, huh? Well you can start by putting down them Doritos and them cupcakes and stop drinking all that juice. Cause the itis is a dream killer. Take yo ass to the gym and think about your future the minute that endorphin rush kicks in.  Cause that’s where your optimism lies. And another thing you can do is make up your mind to commit to something other than them fuckin' video games.  Simple and plain you’ve gotta “Feed and exercise your faith and it will eventually grow stronger than your fears.” And those who continue to feed and exercise their mouth will eventually have to stand in a mirror to see their dick.

 TJ, how would you escape the street life?

I think the answer to your question is to stay out of the fuckin street. You don’t ESCAPE street life my nigga. You don’t escape street life. You escape the street mentality. Take the same hustle and apply to a legal game. So instead of stealing the money you write a business plan and raise capitol. It’s the same thing. Either way niggas chances of getting they money back is slim. That’s what the corporations do. The biggest corporations in the world are THUGS! What you need to escape is the street mentality. Cause the street mentality is for nickel and dimers or as we say in prison snitchers and vaginas. “If you really put your mind to it, you can have anything you want in this country except for privacy.”

TJ, my parents want me to go boarding school with all these white people.  I just can’t see myself wearing a uniform everyday. Help a sista out?

Look here, you’ve got this shit all twisted... If you’ve got a tattoo on your back like every other fuckin' tramp, guess what? You’re wearing a fucking uniform. If you’re running out and buying the same sneaks that everybody else is running out to get, guess what that is? A fucking uniform! If you’re buying the same fake hair that every other bitch got – you’re wearing a fucking uniform! If you’re wearing the same snapbacks, skinny jeans, beats by Dre headphones, you’re wearing a fucking uniform. A fucking uniform! And for all you niggas sagging your pants like every other nigga – you’re wearing a uniform too! So listen here…  if you can’t see that you’re already wearing a uniform, your parents shouldn’t send you to boarding school, they should send you to a Schools for the Blind. Because you must be visually impaired.

Do you honestly believe the phrase "It's not what you know, It's who you know"?

No I don’t. Cause it’s a lot of niggaz claiming to know Jesus and can’t keep they dick out of little boys. How about this one: It’s not what you believe, it’s about what you do. Cause if you do the work and succeed – guess what – it’s a gang of strangers that’s gonna wanna get to know you and I can guarantee you ain’t gon do shit for em.  Because you don’t know em. What’s my point? When you create or acquire something of value, you will then become valuable. Until then, you just a broke nigga don’t nobody want to know. Heard me?