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  • Billy Sims

    TJ Check me out so i lost my apartment i have bad credit, still making money married two kids , i know you ask how the F*&^ you lose yo place. Well lost my car had to get it out no car no work any way, and then lost my wallet so two months rents down the drain ( rains IT POURS,…… but i smell opportunity) so i stay with my folks now i am paying rent to them no free rides, but any who i figure take this time to pay my bad credit off as well as my wife’s, (been down before i had shit and got bad credit off of me a Real queen not working barbecues i wont her to go to school and focus i pay the bills well till this shit lol) and buy a duplex and begin to obtain propriety and get my money and over all life up is this a pipe dream now look out and answer my question

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